Compliance services

Monitoring and internal procedures

There is now an emphasis on firms to demonstrate that they are monitoring their business activities from a risk based perspective. Axiom provides a flexible and varied degree of risk based monitoring according to a firm’s requirements.

Broadly speaking our approach is to either conduct monitoring on the firm’s behalf or to provide a framework compliance monitoring programme that the firm can implement and operate under its own resources.

Axiom will commence with a risk-based assessment of your firm’s compliance arrangements. From our findings we will implement monitoring tailored to your firm. This will allow you to:

  • Identify a risk mitigation programme
  • Carry out your own compliance monitoring or appoint Axiom to carry it out on your behalf
  • Create a comprehensive audit trail to evidence to the Financial Conduct Authority ("FCA") the monitoring that has been undertaken
  • Maintain compliance within the changing regulatory environment
  • Keep staff informed of compliance policies and procedures

Our significant experience in regulation and how to work with the FCA means that we are well placed to assist you with setting up internal procedures to ensure compliance with new rules on an interim and ongoing basis.